My last post was maybe about an hour ago. So.... in the last hour or so, I've been looking at health insurance just to see what I might could afford. There was one plan that was about $65. I could probably do that. BUT. I'm about to get married. I don't plan on having children in the next year, but what if it happens. That plan doesn't even have an optional maternity rider.
So I looked at the next one. Yay! A maternity rider. BOO.... 12 monthly separate waiting period. WHAT?! Then, I go and look at the price of the maternity rider. $150!! WHAT?! Who can afford to get pregnant these days?! So not only would I be paying a higher price for regular health insurance at about $88 per month, but on top of that, they want $150 for 12 months of coverage that you can't even use! That's $1800 for a year of useless coverage. Its ridiculous. It really makes me want to curse right now.
I can't believe that insurances companies do this!
If you work for an insurance company, you should be ASHAMED of yourself!


L.C.T. said...

Gosh this is the ONLY time when I'm greatful for the NHS. I can't believe you don't get any free health care over there! That's still really atrocious.

Keri said...

Super atrocious!