I heart my doctor!

So this medical concern I've got, I made an appointment with the doctor. This may be TMI, but to specify, this is my "woman" doctor. I want to specify because I like her more that my regular doctor (I will explain).
To begin with my "Woman" doctor. About 5- 10 years ago, I was experiencing "problems" and needed to be put on birth control. I didn't want to go see the family doctor because he was a man. I know I know. You're asking "What's the big deal?" Well at the time, I was just uncomfortable with having a male doctor for that. So my mother took me to the "woman" doctor that she had been to. This doctor is awesome. The first time I went I was scared but was quickly put as ease by her bedside manner.
Now, when I have to go to that doctor, we carry on conversation and she asks me how things are going in my life. This makes me feel like she cares. I now appreciate her office even more because of the visit I will be having on August 5. Because I don't have insurance, I called and spoke with the financial manager for the office. I told her my situation and she said the visits are usually between $60 and $124. She told me if I could at least bring in $60 that she could bill me the rest. Do you know what that means to me? That means that I can afford to go to the doctor and not be bitter about having to pay a lot. I know there are probably plenty of other people who pay a lot more to go to the doctor, but when you don't have health insurance, its a lot. For me anyway.
On to my family doctor. The next time I have to go to that office I think I'm going to ask for the other doctor that my fiance sees. My doctor is very impersonal. He comes in, asks your symptoms, tell you what he thinks is wrong with you, gives you medicine and walks out. Nothing more. I hate it. And he makes you feel like an idiot. He has pissed me off before too. Before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, he had diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. Well I had been taking the medicine like I was supposed to. But the symptoms got worse. I was always tired and knew something wasn't right. He said there wasn't anything else. I wanted a second opinion and asked him to refer me to an endocrinologist. He did so and said "There's really nothing else to this." Boy was he wrong. The endocrinologist did an ultrasound of my thyroid and that's when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
The doctor that D sees when he goes is so much friendlier. And he cares too. The last time D went and saw him, the doctor asked if he could pray for D. What? I've never had a doctor ask to do that. It made me have a new respect for him. He now goes to the church we attend.
So anyway. My point is that I don't hate it as much when I have to go to a doctor that I like. Just pray that this "thing" turns out to be NOTHING!

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Scot Richard Luman said...

I was just thinking today "Man, nobody reads my blog. Oh well, I guess I'll just write it for me!" and then there was your comment! Thanks for all of your support, prayer, and friendship! You and D mean the world to me! I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to get there on the 22nd!