New Chapter

Well, I believe it is time.  This blog has lived its life.  I'm starting a new blog that I will reveal in time.  There are changes afoot and I don't want to reveal them just yet.

I will update periodically and will do a big update when I reveal my new blog.  

I'll leave you with this statement as a preview:  Living a path of uncertainty is could be the ultimate test of your faith.   I'm living my test.


Monday was different. 
I went to work, but it was like I couldn't concentrate on anything. 
Derek changed the brakes on our friend Isaiah's car.  His wife Kara fixed us supper so when I got off work, I went over to their house. 
Like Isaiah said, it was odd being over on a week night. 
We told them that I still had a curfew since we were living with my parents.  They laughed.  Before we were married I did have a curfew of 10:00 or so. Yes, I was 24 with a curfew. But it all goes back to the whole honor thy father and mother.  That's just one of the rules that I followed. So they still pick on me about it. 
Their kid Elijah is so funny.  We never know what he'll say.  We were sitting at the kitchen table talking and Elijah came in riding on his little 3 wheeler toy.  Kara told him to go back in the living room and he rode by her and said "Stop being crazy."  The look on Kara's face was priceless.  
"Did he just call me crazy?" 
"Yes. Yes he did." 
LOL. It was so funny.  We had a good time.  I love being able to just go over to some friends' house and hang out and talk. 
9:45 P.M. came around and I started getting sleepy so we headed home.  Derek played Black Ops when we got home.  I sat in the chair and attempted to read a few pages in one of the books I got at the thrift store. 
I read maybe 1 1/2 pages.  I went to sleep in the chair.  Derek woke me up when he asked "Are you awake?"
I got up and went to bed.  I was going to let Bree, our dog, come get in the bed until Derek came, but I know how she is.  She will get up there and walk around and not stay still.  I was really tired so I just put her in her crate for the night. 
Then I went to bed and was asleep before I hit the pillow. 
Great Monday. Just different change of pace.

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was AWESOME!
Friday we were hanging out with some friends when a lightening storm came through.  We stood outside for a little while and watched the lightening light up the sky.  It was a remarkable sight.  Too bad I couldn't get any pictures.

Saturday was the best.  I got up and cleaned house while Mama was outside cutting bushes.  When Derek woke up, we went to town to the thrift store to see what good buys we could find.  I got 6 paperback books for $1.  Derek found an awesome leather jacket.  We looked it up and its worth probably about $100-$150.  I think that was all.

Saturday afternoon when we were on our way out, after we had picked up some friends, we were driving down the road and there were some police and I noticed an ambulance in the field.  There had been a plane crash!

Saturday night, we went out to a CD release party.  Now keep in mind, I live in north Georgia.  Hickville. Necktown.  Whatever you wanna call it.  The party was for the Jeff Vaughn Band.  It was at a place called Slow Water which is a place where people go kayaking.  There is a big field there and they have a stage built for events. 

Our friend Phil and his band Mill Hill was one of the bands that opened. When it got dark and Jeff Vaughn Band started playing, Derek and I were down in the middle of all of it.  Derek's friend Cory and his son Peyton came with us and they were in the middle of the crowd too.  It was soo much fun.  I took some great pics too. Here are some pics!

 This is Phil with his band Mill Hill.

 This is the Jeff Vaughn Band.

Smell of Success

Monday evening my mom mentioned possibly making some more pear preserves to try and use the pears off of the tree in the back yard.  

"I'll just wait and let Daddy pick them tomorrow," she said.

Instead of waiting, I got up a little while later and went outside and picked pears.  I came in with a 5 gallon bucket. 

"It takes two buckets."

So I went outside and picked another 5 gallon bucket of pears.  I was picking the pears from up in the tree with a garden hoe.  It was interesting because I couldn't always see if there were bees and june bugs on the pears.  When I pulled a few I had june bugs and bees flying around me.  Luckily I didn't get stung though.

We went walking Monday night after I picked pears and then we came home and peaked and cut them up.  Mama prepared them for last night's cooking.  She had a meeting to go to so she left me to the cooking.  They took about 3 1/2 hours.  It was ok though.  Derek and I cooked supper.  Chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheese.  OOOoo... and some homemade Red Lobster biscuits. Yummy! I actually made them by the recipe this time and they were spot on!  I should have taken a picture. They were awesome.

I stayed in the kitchen most of the time to keep the pears stirred.  Mama got home about 9:00.  We started jaring them up around 9:30.  She started and I finished them while she went and took a shower.  I ran out of jars and still had some pears left so I had to go on a hunt for jars.  We had been making pint size jars but I found some half pints. 

In all we have made 25 pint jar, 1 quart jar and 3 1/2 half pint jars.  The last half pint last night wasn't full so we put that in the refrigerator and I enjoyed it on a piece of toast with my grits this morning.  It was scrumptious.

Great Weekend

This past weekend was great.  Friday, I got home from work and we had a thunderstorm.  Derek and I sat on the back porch and watch it come up and rain.  It was so nice.  The storm blew away some of the heat. 

Bree was out on the back porch with us watching it.  She's scared of thunder though.  
She looks terrified in this picture.  She was just walking around the back porch until there was thunder and she decided she better get in mama's lap. 
I stood up because the rain was blowing through the screen.  So I leaned up against the freezer.  She thought that this was the safest place apparently.  She didn't move until we went inside.  

After the rain let up some, we decided to go to town to get something to eat.  Bad idea.  The town was about 10-15 minutes away.  They had no power.  So we turned at went on a little further north.  While we were driving down that road, we saw a rainbow.  We stopped and took some pictures. 

While we were taking pictures of the one rainbow,  I noticed that there were actually two rainbows!! A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! WHAT?!  Yeah, we were sufficiently amazed.

It was pretty amazing.  
After we got some tacos from Taco Bell, we went to a friend's house. 
They had baby frogs on their porch.

Saturday night we went to a place called the Sandbar.  This is a restaurant down by the river.  Its a little ways off the road down a dirt road, but it worth it.  It is also the ending point for people who are kayaking down the river.  So they get a lot of business.  We went because our friend Phil's band was playing.  Our friends Kara and Isaiah and they son Elijah went with us. 

 Kara loved the fried green tomatoes!
The chicken wings were awesome!

 And the band was awesome too!
There was some excitement towards the end of their second set.  

This guy in his truck, obviously drunk, drove down the rocks where the boaters get out and right into the river.  He got just a little ways down the shallow part and then the tires dug in.  

He kept revving his engine trying to get it unstuck.  The truck didn't move an inch.   The people who ran the Sandbar went down there and talked him into leaving.   He left. 
But he came back.  
This time, they just called the police.  So about 10 minutes later here comes 3 Sheriff's Deputies.  They pulled up, got out with guns drawn and we watched them go through the woods with their flashlights. 
They brought him up in handcuffs and gave him a sobriety test.  
He supposedly blew a 1.7 .  He was druuunnk.
They found some things in his truck that will probably keep him in jail for a long time.  
That was an interesting end to the night.

It did rain some, but they had shelters set up this time.  

Sunday was great too.  We went to church then came home and grilled hamburgers.  Derek and I went to town to get a replacement gas tank for the grill.  

When we got back, mama had started cooking pear preservers and O.M.G.  It smelled sooooo good in that house.  I wish I had a candle that smelled like that.  I love making memories with my family and friends.