Great Weekend

This past weekend was great.  Friday, I got home from work and we had a thunderstorm.  Derek and I sat on the back porch and watch it come up and rain.  It was so nice.  The storm blew away some of the heat. 

Bree was out on the back porch with us watching it.  She's scared of thunder though.  
She looks terrified in this picture.  She was just walking around the back porch until there was thunder and she decided she better get in mama's lap. 
I stood up because the rain was blowing through the screen.  So I leaned up against the freezer.  She thought that this was the safest place apparently.  She didn't move until we went inside.  

After the rain let up some, we decided to go to town to get something to eat.  Bad idea.  The town was about 10-15 minutes away.  They had no power.  So we turned at went on a little further north.  While we were driving down that road, we saw a rainbow.  We stopped and took some pictures. 

While we were taking pictures of the one rainbow,  I noticed that there were actually two rainbows!! A DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! WHAT?!  Yeah, we were sufficiently amazed.

It was pretty amazing.  
After we got some tacos from Taco Bell, we went to a friend's house. 
They had baby frogs on their porch.

Saturday night we went to a place called the Sandbar.  This is a restaurant down by the river.  Its a little ways off the road down a dirt road, but it worth it.  It is also the ending point for people who are kayaking down the river.  So they get a lot of business.  We went because our friend Phil's band was playing.  Our friends Kara and Isaiah and they son Elijah went with us. 

 Kara loved the fried green tomatoes!
The chicken wings were awesome!

 And the band was awesome too!
There was some excitement towards the end of their second set.  

This guy in his truck, obviously drunk, drove down the rocks where the boaters get out and right into the river.  He got just a little ways down the shallow part and then the tires dug in.  

He kept revving his engine trying to get it unstuck.  The truck didn't move an inch.   The people who ran the Sandbar went down there and talked him into leaving.   He left. 
But he came back.  
This time, they just called the police.  So about 10 minutes later here comes 3 Sheriff's Deputies.  They pulled up, got out with guns drawn and we watched them go through the woods with their flashlights. 
They brought him up in handcuffs and gave him a sobriety test.  
He supposedly blew a 1.7 .  He was druuunnk.
They found some things in his truck that will probably keep him in jail for a long time.  
That was an interesting end to the night.

It did rain some, but they had shelters set up this time.  

Sunday was great too.  We went to church then came home and grilled hamburgers.  Derek and I went to town to get a replacement gas tank for the grill.  

When we got back, mama had started cooking pear preservers and O.M.G.  It smelled sooooo good in that house.  I wish I had a candle that smelled like that.  I love making memories with my family and friends. 

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