This past weekend was pretty fun.  We went out with some friends and played pool for a while.  We left one group of friends cause they had to go pic up J's wife so me, Derek, Kara and Isaiah went to the Georgia Diner.  The Georgia Diner used to be a Huddle House and I wish it still was.  

There was this lady in there that used to work at the local Burger King.  Derek saw her and wasn't quite sure that he still wanted to eat there.  That wasn't really my problem.  My problem was the cook.  He was this tall old man that was sweaty and was eating while he was cooking with no gloves.  Yuck!  But we stayed.  Isaiah was really hungry.  We scarfed down our food and went back to their house.   We were gonna play a game of monopoly, but it was already midnight so we went on home.   

Saturday night though, we went back over there to hang out of Kara and Isaiah's house.  We played Scatagories and ate breakfast for supper. It was yummy! And I made a dump cake. It was great and we had a great time with great friends.

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