Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was AWESOME!
Friday we were hanging out with some friends when a lightening storm came through.  We stood outside for a little while and watched the lightening light up the sky.  It was a remarkable sight.  Too bad I couldn't get any pictures.

Saturday was the best.  I got up and cleaned house while Mama was outside cutting bushes.  When Derek woke up, we went to town to the thrift store to see what good buys we could find.  I got 6 paperback books for $1.  Derek found an awesome leather jacket.  We looked it up and its worth probably about $100-$150.  I think that was all.

Saturday afternoon when we were on our way out, after we had picked up some friends, we were driving down the road and there were some police and I noticed an ambulance in the field.  There had been a plane crash!

Saturday night, we went out to a CD release party.  Now keep in mind, I live in north Georgia.  Hickville. Necktown.  Whatever you wanna call it.  The party was for the Jeff Vaughn Band.  It was at a place called Slow Water which is a place where people go kayaking.  There is a big field there and they have a stage built for events. 

Our friend Phil and his band Mill Hill was one of the bands that opened. When it got dark and Jeff Vaughn Band started playing, Derek and I were down in the middle of all of it.  Derek's friend Cory and his son Peyton came with us and they were in the middle of the crowd too.  It was soo much fun.  I took some great pics too. Here are some pics!

 This is Phil with his band Mill Hill.

 This is the Jeff Vaughn Band.

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