18 DAYS!!!
Its so close. I'm so nervous. Someone asked me the other day if I was more nervous about the wedding or being married. At the time I said the wedding, but now, I'm equally if not more nervous about being married. There is so much more that goes into being married because that is the rest of your life. The wedding is just one day and you only spend months to maybe a year on planning that. **stomach ache begins**
We've got a lot done and still have a few more things to do. I'm going to meet with the musician tomorrow hopefully about music. I've tried to meet with her twice before but she was out of the office both times. Friday, D and I went out. We stopped by Michael's because I needed to get some things for the wedding. I picked up some ribbon, cardstock, and 2 butterflies. I wanted a lot of blue artificial butterflies because they will go on the cake. Michael's only had one and it was kind of ugly. We also picked up a photo-signature mat to be signed by our guests at the wedding. All the things I got came out to about $43.00. Ok. That's better than $300 for programs being professionally done. D had a brilliant idea to stop by Hobby Lobby. So we did. I asked the girl there if she could point me in the direction of aritificial butterflies. When she showed me where they were, there they were. Blue butterflies. In 2 different sizes!! I was so happy. And those came in packs of 6 for $1.99 whereas I got 1 ugly blue one for $1.99 at Michael's.
I also picked up some white flip flops from Hobby Lobby. I'm going to where flip flops instead of shoes because that's what I'm most comfortable in.
Things are really coming together. I've got all the ribbons put together to go onto the programs. I asked two girls from church if they would hand out programs. The caterer found her silver vase to put the flower arrangement in to match at the reception.
So, yeah. I've become less stressed about the wedding and more stressed about being married. Pray for me!!!!!! Well... actually pray for us.....

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Dee said...

Take it ALL in girl! It goes by so very fast! Enjoy every minute of it!