So I've got a medical concern. Not something I'm going to share here, but this rant has to do with the doctor's nurse. I called my doctor's office. I put in the extension for the nurse because I knew I wouldn't be able to speak with the doctor. I told her my concern.
I know that they can't diagnose anything and especially not over the phone, but it would have been nice since she didn't know what to tell me to let me talk with the doctor. All she said was "Do you want to come in and see the doctor?" I would love to go see the doctor, but that doctor is so freakin expensive! And because I'm one of those millions of uninsured Americans, they charge me more at the doctor's office. I don't see how that's very fair. People who have insurance, the insurance companies can afford those high costs. People like me struggle when we go to the doctor because they demand you to pay upwards of $200 when you come in. My regular doctor allows me to make payments. Not this doctor. They demand you pay if you are private pay.
So this medical concern.. I may just have to go to my regular doctor and see what he says and just pay $90 instead of the expensive doctor. I hope its nothing and it will go away on its own...

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