I snore.

Yes. That's right. Night after night, I wake up my husband by sawing logs "at the top of my lungs."  Sometimes, I end up moving to the couch in order that we both can get some sleep.  Well, it finally come to the point that I had to do something.
Enter the ZQuiet. 

The ZQuiet is a mouth piece designed to hold your bottom jaw forward so that your airway is unblocked thus letting more air through and easing the snoring.  

I received my ZQuiet in the mail yesterday for the 30-day trial.  Last night I wore it.  For a while, it seemed to work then I woke up and my bottom teeth were hurting so I took it out for a little while.  Not too long after that though, D woke up and said "you took it out didn't you?" 

So, I put it back in because apparently it works.  I didn't get an amazing night rest, but I don't think I've gotten used to having a mouth piece in my mouth yet.  But, hopefully in the next week, I'll see a change in the way I feel and the way I sleep.  So, we shall see!


Becky said...

Hope this helps you both get a good night's rest. But without being to painful for your jaw!

Lady Banana said...

My partner snores, my daughter snores since having tonsillitis, so I can't escape it!

Let us know how this goes!

Technodoll said...

now that's love!!

he could just wear ear plugs... LOL!