Speed Limits

So, there is this man.  I will call him Scott.  Scott is a Sheriff's Deputy in the county that I live in.  He also lives in the same town that I do.  Many mornings he gets behind me on our way to work in the city that is about 20 minutes from our town.  

Well, being the smart driver that I am, I drive the speed limit while Scott is behind me.  Of course, I try to follow the speed limit as much as possible even when he is not there.  But that's beside the point. 

There is a bridge going into the city that I work in.  The speed limit on said bridge? 35 MPH.  Speed that Scott is going?  A lot faster than 35.  And no, he wasn't on the way to a call.  He does this every time it seems like.  

So, why is it that we can get pulled over for breaking the speed limit, but law enforcement can so blatantly break the same law as though they are above it.  

So boo on them.  


Becky said...

I've asked myself that same question time and time again. Be comforted knowing that cops do it everywhere and get away with it. Okay...so not really that comforting. lol =)

Technodoll said...

Ah, one greasy palm swiping the other in the realm of politics...

bastards, eh?