Thanksgiving in North Carolina

Derek is originally from North Carolina so naturally that's where his family is.  So, I took off work on Wednesday.  We left after I got work on Tuesday though.  Derek wanted us to be up there on Wednesday so that we could get the good majority of the food cooked since we were eating at lunch time on Thursday.  

I had a great time cooking with his Nana.  I have discovered where Derek gets his habit of wanting things done his way in the kitchen. His Nana is the same way.  Not that she was telling me how to cook MY recipes, but when it came to her things that I was helping with, she wanted it done her way, which is totally fine.  

We had all kinds of food.  Very filling.  And some great desserts.  I kept hearing that the food was soooo good and that had been the best Thanksgiving they had had in a while.  I'm sure it wasn't only because we had volunteered our time and money to cook them Thanksgiving.  It was a great time with family.  

I hope to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family next year.  My mom missed having me there to help her cook.  I think we will rotate holidays between families. 

 All the scrumptious food......
 The cousins
 Me and my darling husband.


Becky said...

Glad you and Derik had a good holiday! Mine was okay for the most part. Did you enjoy the motorcycle ride?

Technodoll said...

Looks super scrumptuous, and I love your happy smile!

Bikes are fun, eh? ;-)

Lady Banana said...

Looks like you had a nice time..

I think we should share this holiday over here as well! lol