Football and Monopoly

Friday night, D and I went to went to a local football game with some friends and their son.  It was fun, but the team we were cheering for was losing horribly so we left in about the 3rd quarter.  Isaiah, one of the friends, had been chatting back and forth on Facebook about playing monopoly.   We had played before and he and Derek beat me so this time I told him he was going to get the smack down.... Well,  he did.  So he was out and then it came down to me and his wife Kara.  She beat me.  Its all good though, we had a blast.  We hadn't hung out with them in a while since they had moved to Atlanta, but now they are back so we wanted to spend some time with them. Here are some pics:
The mascot goes to our church... The little boy is Elijah, Kara and Isaiah's son.

Isaiah and Derek

I've got loads of pictures from 2 fall festivals and a local concert from Saturday so come on back tomorrow!!


Lady Banana said...

I've not played Monopoly for years, never seem to have that long a time just to sit.. lol

Poor excuse as I spend just as long on iPhone games..hehehe

Pieces of Me said...

I love playing board games and card games. I wish my husband enjoying playing them more. Monopoly is fun, but I think my favorite is Clue!

Keri said...

Yeah I love monopoly. The last time I played was over a year ago before D and I were married. We played against these same two friends. That time, it took D and Isaiah together to beat me... so I've been talking smack to him ever since about beating him at monopoly.. So Friday, I did.