Fall Festival

This past Saturday, I went to two fall festivals.  There was one in the town that I live in and one that is about 30 minutes away.  

About the one in my town: There was a lot of yard sales going on.  You would think that a fall festival consists of rides for kids, and craft booths, and good food.  Where I live... yard sales.  But, there was some food trailers and tents. I didn't partake of any of the food though. It was way too early in the morning for jumbo shrimp and BBQ.

I saw someone that I had worked with before. She said "There are so many Mexicans here you can barely walk."  I just simply said, " Welcome to America."  I don't mean any offense in that, but it is true that our area has become heavily populated with Mexicans.  But what area hasn't right?  I think it all has to do with the chicken house industry around here.  There are  A LOT of chicken houses around here.  In fact, the house we are looking at has 4 chicken houses about 100 yards from the house. But we really like the house. 

Back to the fall festival.  There were some craft booths with homemade crafts. Some booths had homemade cakes and fried pies.  No, not literally a big pie that is fried. Its a little turnover pie that you can hold.... that is fried.   

This town, that only has a 4-way stop and a blinking red light, has 6 antique stores, 4 or 5 of which are all on the square.  We went in one. It was cute.  They had some cool things. 

So here are some pics:
This candle, though small, has a big smell.  
Smells just like a lemonade cake. I love it!

This was one of the few booths that had homemade goodies.
Mmmm.. Cake!  And some sort of preserves or spread after that...


 These bottles had been melted to look this way. I thought
these were awesome!! The lady said you could bring your
own bottle and get it melted like this.


 And this lovely lady was making baskets... 
I told her to smile and she started laughing because I
wanted to take her picture.  She was sweet.

I got more photos later from the other fall festival!!

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Pieces of Me said...

My husband was just telling me over the weekend he wanted to try the melting bottles thing with some wine bottles he's saved. I had never heard of it before, but it looks very cool!