'What to call this?' is the question.

First of all, Derek finally was able to get my line transferred to his account yesterday. So I'm done with that mess.
Now on to what I came here for.

I'm participating in a swap on swap-bot.com that's called Making Friends through Journaling. I made a journal for this swap. I made it. Folded the paper. Made the backing. Everything. Made the cover pretty. So I was very excited about writing in the journal for the past month. Now its time to send to my partner. Keep in mind, this is not the same partner I receive from. The partner I send to actually seem to be competent....and crafty!
The partner I received from.... disappointing. I got the package out of the mailbox this morning. It was a manila envelope with a computer printed address label. I didn't even see the return address until later because it was in pencil. Oh... and the return address didn't even have a State abbreviation with it. I knew then that this was going to be interesting.
The first entry was about school and a math class and how much she hated the class. So I thought this was maybe a 5th or 6th grader by the look of the hand writing. But.. I was wrong. This person is supposedly a college student.
Its odd that the journal is not in chronological order too.
So this page in the picture, here is what it says:
"today i sat in my room and watched a Bug suffer and die. i sat there just wounderin what that was thinking? Did it have a long life was it happy. all these question i am dying to ask it only if it could speak. oh i wish it could. i got up this morning and told everyone in my phone happy thanksgiving. they were all very excited about it. all moms kids came into my office and herassed me while i was trying to do my biology homeowork which was very annoying. I just wanted them all to go away. I could finish but they wanted me to come out and help with making thanksgiving dinner. But hate the holiday seasons so I wanted to stay and study for my final exams"
Yes the spelling, punctuation and capatilization are that bad. I feel bad for this person. It goes on later talking about watching all the kids. Her parents are not together. She speaks ill of her mother and her "mom's kids". She apparently lives with her dad.
This just really makes me wonder what has gone on in this girl's life and how she lives. There really isn't much to the entries other than complaining about school work, watching the kids, her mom and watching a bug die. Oh the questions I will ask.


Scot said...

I don't know why but it encouraged me to see your compassion for this girl at the end. Hope you and Derek are doing well. Miss you guys. Much Love

Dee said...

=o) can't wait to hear more!

writing4612 said...


Maybe journaling her thoughts and feelings will help this girl overcome whatever she's dealing with.

P.S. Love the theme of your background, but I have to scroll over to the far right to read each entry. Just thought you'd want to know in case something is messed up.