Happy New Year

So.. Its a new year. Guess that calls for a new post.
We had a great Christmas. I got from Derek a nice necklace. It is one of Jane Seymour's Open Heart pendants. I love it. I also got a set of pots and pans from Mama and some soap and a necklace from Jesse. Derek got a watch, that he wants to swap for a shot gun.... and he also got a model car and some money. We went to the extent of getting presents for our animals. We got the cats a cube thing they can play in and some toys. Bree got a punk shirt, that is so cute, and some toys. Of course, she doesn't play with her own toys, she plays with the cats' toys.
After we opened our presents, we went over to Mama and Daddy's house and open presents. We had a great time on Christmas.
We had planned on staying in on New Year's Eve but we ended up going and playing pool. I watched more than anything. It was fun. They passed out little whistles right before 12.
It's been a good new year so far. Hope it continues to be that way. Happy New Year!

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