Very Not So Merry Christmas to you!

AT&T, at the moment I loathe thee. You tell me that I must be an authorized user on my dad's plan in order to upgrade without him when he has called and made me an authorized user. Apparently one of your asinine employees didn't put it in the computer when he called. Therefore, I had to wait and have him call AGAIN! Is this the only transgression? No.
Today I called, at my dad's request, to have my number removed from his account and transferred to my husband's account. Doesn't seem like a daunting task does it? Well, AT&T, you making it a very vexatious task. Yes. I used vexatious. You have made me bring out the big words for this one. I am an authorized party on my husband's account. Does that matter to you? No. So I had to get him to call and have you note on his account that I am authorized to do the transfer. I call you back. Now, you tell me that I'm not authorized to make a change on my dad's account. Look, we have been through this before, but you tell me that the authorization that I have does not include transferring a line. So then I had to call me dad and ask him to call, for the THIRD time, and give you people the OK for me to do whatever the hell I want to!
So now, because you are being a pain, I have to wait for my dad to get home from shopping with my mom in order to call you. The next time I call, I'm hoping that you will have your panties pulled out of a wad and will be able to help me.
Oh, and you, the lady who has answered my call two of the three times I called, I'm not sorry for hanging up on you, and for both our sakes, I hope its someone else that gets my call when I call for the FOURTH time.
I just want to transfer my number!

Update: On the positive side, I twittered about my problem and Chris F from AT&T found it and contacted me to try and help. The lady told me the last time that I called that Derek would have to be the one to call even though I'm authorized on both accounts. I appreciate Chris trying to help and it makes me feel a little better that they look for way to help people when they twitter about their problems. He had already called me but my phone was off because its going dead.

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