Dance Fever!

Last weekend, my brother Jesse and his friend Regina were up visiting from Savannah. Being the extrovert that she is, Regina wanted to go to downtown Athens. Mostly she just wanted us all (Jesse, Regina, Me, Derek and Kyle) to hang out. That was fine. Where we ended up was not where one goes to just hang out. The Level 131. It was quite interesting. We got there, I would say, around 10ish.
There weren't very many people on the first level as we went in. We went down to the second level where, there, in the middle of the room, were four girls. All four were under 21. They way they were moving and rubbing on each other was just asking for some guy to come up and grope them or take them out back. Their dancing was just raunchy. Soon, they moved on down to the third level to the dance floor. I'm assuming they did this because there are mirrors there and they could watch themselves.
As time went by, more and more people came in. Finally, Derek and Regina wanted to dance. I told them to go dance with each other, that I didn't mind. So they went do to the dance floor. Of course, I went to the railing and watched from above. It last about 5 minutes and they came and sat down. After they sat there for a few minutes, they wanted me to go dance with them. So finally after much begging and persuasion, I got up and went with them to dance. Kyle even went with us. Jesse never danced though.
It was a new experience for me that I enjoyed. I just might have to go out again and shake it sometime!! We might just make a trip to Savannah on New Year's Eve and spend the weekend with Jesse and Regina on their own turf. Who knows.

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