Wedding Stress

So yesterday was a stressful day for me. Well, I should actually say yesterday evening. I went to the church to meet with the pianist. Turns out she thinks I'm picky. I don't think I'm picky. There is just some of the music she was playing that I wasn't crazy about. But I've got the music set.
I like the music that we'll be playing. The pianist will play some and then we'll have a few songs played from a CD.
After I got home from deciding on music, D was kinda ill that I didn't want to come in to the traditional wedding march. I wanted something different. When he heard what I'd be coming in to, he liked it. I don't think my mom is crazy about it.
Then we went to print out the scheduling programs. D saw that the guys had to be at the church at 9. He said he wasn't going to be there at 9. OMG. I wanted to hit him. I've already got enough stress without him doing that. He'll be there.
There just seems to be a lot that we need to do in the next week or so. There might not be that much, but it seems like a lot.
Just pray that I don't pull my hair out and that my mom doesn't pull her hair out either.


Dee said...

Oh I remember the pre-wedding stress. It will be over before you know it! the best advice I got was to not stress the little stuff. all that matters is The Bride and the Groom. In the end you will be married...what could be better?

*~Puzzle~* said...

Wow that really isn't very long now. How exciting?!?!?

At the moment I feel more nervous about the wedding then afterwards. But then I am still 10 weeks away from the wedding. Boy have we had some dramas recently. I swear if I make it to the wedding day without being a tired mess then I'll be surprised.

I am actually looking forward to the wedding day, but mostly after the wedding when we can just relax and go on a beautiful honeymoon. Like 'Phew!' that's over!' Lol. But I also want to make sure I enjoy the day. So Exciting! We'll be wives!

BTW - Please post photos afterwards. Would love to see them!