4 Days...

4 DAYS!!!! I can't believe we are already down to 4 days until the wedding. I am so excited..... anxious..... stressed..... well basically all the emotions you would expect a bride to have before the big day.
Yesterday was a very busy day. I had a lot to do at work. Mama brought D to town so we could get our marriage license, and yes, I know, I'm a procrastinator. I waited til the week of to get our license. Then we went and ate some Taco Bell! I love some chalupas. I was able to finish printing the programs. Oh.. the programs. I had printed 50 on one side, the outside. When I looked at them and read over it, I realized, oh crap, there's a typo! So I went in and fixed it on the computer. But because it was an easy fix, I just took a pen and fixed the problem. Maybe nobody will notice. So I got the programs folded.
Last night, I planned to move. Well this time, I actually did it. My parents have a van that doesn't have the seats in it so I used it as my cargo van. I packed all the boxes into the van then I started with all the gifts that we have received from people. The van was full. And that's not even everything I will eventually take. That was just stuff. That didn't include furniture from my bedroom. Needless to say, this morning, every muscle in my body hurts. But its all good.
When I got home from unloading it at D's house, I finished the decorative cut on the programs and Mama helped by putting the ribbons on them. So the programs are completely finished!!
Yesterday after lunch, Mama and D went up to the church and set up the reception area. I was amazed at what they did. Of course, I had no doubt that they could do it. Mama has done that kind of thing before and I knew D would know what I would like. We went up there last night and looked at it. Its a less is more kind of thing. Its very elegant. I love it. The centerpieces aren't what I thought they'd be but they are perfect. They aren't anything big because that's one thing I hate is when I go to a wedding reception and can't see the people I'm sitting with because the centerpiece is so huge. I am very happy with what they did.
So 4 days....
And today is my Mama's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!

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Dee said...

YAY!!!! can't wait to see pictures!! and it's fixing to be no longer "D's house" but "Our" house. How exciting!