Its done.

I'M MARRIED!!! I can't believe that I'm sitting here at the beach a married woman. I'm a wife. A WIFE!
Yesterday morning, we got to the hair shop at about 8:00. Well, I had asked D's cousin to go pick up D's mom and sister-n-law, but she didn't show up and wouldn't answer her phone. I didn't let it get to me though. I sent my trusty bridesmaids to get them.
I got my hair done. Mama called and said she needed a gallon of milk so Vanessa and I took off to the grocery store. I left D's mom and sis-n-law with my bridesmaids knowing they could handle it. Even though Vanessa was a bridesmaid, I'm so glad she was there with us yesterday.
So we got to the church and looked over everything. D was there at about 10:15 so I had to go into the bride's room. I went ahead and put on my makeup and everything. D and I had a moment alone before we started taking pictures. I didn't think I'd cry but as soon as I stepped out and saw him the tears came. I'm starting to cry now just thinking about how sweet that moment was. So we hugged and dried each others tears. And he told me how beautiful I was. After about 5 minutes, we started taking our pictures. D was so handsome yesterday! The pictures lasted about 2 hours. Then we went back to our room and waited. That was the longest hour ever. The wedding director came and lined us up about 5 minutes before it started. Then the music started and I started shaking.
My daddy come in the door to the back where I was. I took his arm and he asked if I was ready. I started crying. The girls went out. Then my song started playing. "At last.... my love has come along....." Oh I could barely contain my tears. We came in and went down the steps. We turned and I saw our friend Richard. Richard is the one that brought D to the church the night we met so we credit him with our meeting. We made one more turn and there he was. My future husband. We got to the front and I was shaking so bad. We were standing there and I had my daddy's arm and my hand was shaking.
My daddy gave me away and it was on. We lit the unity candle. Then the song D wanted played began. Its called "Got whatever it is" by the Zach Brown band.. I think that's who it is. We went up onto the stage and the pastor began. We went through the I do's and the vows. D and I have always had inside jokes about being submissive and what's mine is yours. I was able to get through that with a smile because I almost started laughing. The nerves were terrible. My stomach was in a knot, but as soon as we finished talking, the nerves were over and I actually got hungry! LOL. We kissed and we were pronounced husband and wife!
The reception was beautiful. Everyone that helped did an awesome job. I went around and greeted everyone. Because I work at a law office, my boss stood from the table where my co-workers were and said "We took in a case ye. sterday and I think we're going to need you to come in on Monday to help us out." I couldn't help but laugh. I'm so glad they came.
There was may 100 people there. Maybe not even that many. It was small and I liked it like that because I was able to see everyone. So we did the cake thing and the drink thing and got us something to eat. Then it was about time for us to leave. We left out from the front of the church. My mom came up with us. I hadn't seen her cry the whole time until then. She hugged us and started crying. I started crying. I'm crying again now just thinking about it.
So we left on my dad's Kubota RTV 500. Its a utility vehicle that he uses on his farm. We've seem people leave in nice cars and horse drawn carriages, but had yet to see someone leave on a Kubota. So we wanted to be different and add a little bit of our "countryness" to it so that's what we left on. It was so fun. D got to the road and then did a doughnut in the parking lot. LOL. I was laughing the whole time.
We got to the house and changed our clothes. We got my car and went back to the church to get some things we needed. D had forgotten his phone charger at home so we went and picked that up and visited with his family just a little bit. Then we left for Florida. We arrived in Daytona at about 1:15 AM. And I'll leave the rest to your imagination.


Dee said...

awww I got teary just reading this! so sweet! So glad it was everything you wanted it to be! The best is yet to come my friend! Married life is awesome! But it's what you make it!

*~Puzzle~* said...

CONGRATULATIONS KERI!!!! yay you're a married woman. 8 weeks and I'll be joing you in that category. Sounds like you had a lovely day! xoxox