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Last night, D, my mom and I went and sat down with the photographer. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a photographer because most have a fee then you have to buy a package of theirs. The guy that we are using, he has a set fee which is reasonable, I think, for all that he does, plus, you don't have to buy a package. He loads the pics on a site and you can buy what you want in whatever size you want. He keeps them up for like a year so you don't have to buy them all at once.

Tomorrow morning, we are going to meet with the florist again. Her name is Frances and yes, she's old school. We went a couple of weeks ago to get an estimate and tell her what we want. She had written down everything. Well, she said she was going to Atlanta and would see if she could find some calla lilies for me. I didn't want real ones because they are so expensive so we opted for artificial flowers. I'm glad we did because that will allow us to keep and have some of the flowers from that day without having to go through some expensive preservation. Well, I called Ms. Frances the other day and she said "Oh, I'm so glad you called. I can't find your order!" WHAT?!! That is one thing you should not tell a bride. No I didn't go all bridezilla or anything I just simply made another appointment and told her that I still had a copy that she had made for me to have. So tomorrow we are going to go finalize everything hopefully.

Also tomorrow, D and I are going to go see about picking out a wedding band for him. To begin with he wanted a Tungsten band because its such a hard metal and he works construction, but then he saw a guy the other day with a white gold/ silver band on and he decided that that was what he wanted. So we'll see.

We're going to meet up with Randi tomorrow afternoon and Sarah hopefully, so they can try on their bridesmaids dresses. They came in a couple of weeks ago. I don't think Sarah needs any alterations, but I'm pretty sure that Randi is going to need the halter part taken up some.

I made my final payment on my dress a couple of weekends ago. I also bought some spanx. Let me tell you. I worked up a sweat trying those things on! UGH. But at least I got something to hold it all in some. ;)

My mom has really been urging me to get things done and I know I've been lagging so we're on our way to getting things done!!

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Cory said...

I love calla lillies! I was going to use them for my wedding, until I picked a different dress pattern and decided they wouldn't look right. I lagged around planning my wedding to. Enjoy it, don't stress it was my motto! (Yes, even when the sound guy hadn't showed up 10 minutes before the wedding was supposed to start!)