Another bag

So last night I made another bag. I went to the library during lunch yesterday and found some book; one being Bend-the-Rules Sewing. Its a great book. I'm glad I found it. I had seen it on the internet and thought about buying it but why buy it when I could get it at the library.

So I was going through it and read some about how she makes her bags. Some of the things she does is really easy and makes the bag making process easier.
Here is the bag I made last night. It is also in my etsy shop!


Finally Frugal said...

That bag is GORGEOUS!!! Have you always been a seamstress (is that the right word?) or are you learning as you go? When I'm out of school and not working the two jobs, I hope to have more time for crafty stuff like this---I hope I'll be able to make something this beautiful some day. Isn't it fun picking out the fabric?

Keri said...

Its loads of fun. I've only been doing it for a couple of months but I think I've gotten really good at it. I'm not making clothes yet, but I'm getting there. Picking out the fabric, i think, is the best part. If you go to places like Hancock Fabrics... they have so much to choose from!! Thanks for stopping by!