Weirdos at the post office

So yesterday I was in the presence of a weirdo at the biscuit place. This morning, it was the post office. I was standing there waiting to get a book of stamps for the office manager. There was a this shorter lady standing there trying to send some packages. She had on her bedroom shoes.
She was taking forever with the packages so I decided to go check my box and the box for the office. I thought surely the line would be down. No. That woman was still standing there. And now, she had started carrying on a conversation with the postal worker. Ever heard of the expression "going postal"?? I wanted to.
Weird people.... ugh!

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*~Puzzle~* said...

Hey Keri. So sorry it's been ages since I stopped by. I love your new layout. It's gorgeous. Post offices and banks are the most frustrating places to wait in line, especially when people in front of you are taking their sweet time.