Love and Good of all Mankind

So normally by 7:30, I've taken the bf to meet his ride to work, have came back to my house and have slept for another hour and 1/2. Not this morning. This morning, I went to the bf's house like I normally do only for him to tell me that he forgot to call me and tell me that we didn't have to be there until 7:30. Its ok. I wasn't mad at all. Some people would be. I wasn't. I told him later that had I only gotten to sleep at 2:30 like I did the other night then I might have been a little pissed.
So any way, I went back to his house this morning and took him to meet his ride. I was already dressed for work so I could go ahead and go into work. I took the extra and went by a small eating place in the town I live in. They have yummy biscuits. I went in and sat on a stool at the bar. She lady took my order. This young guy came in and sat down beside me. We had been setting there for a couple of minutes and he said something that almost made me laugh.
"It feels good to come in and sit down at a place where you can feel the love and goodness of mankind."
In my mind, my immediate reaction was WTH?! LOL. I want to look over at him and say something really mean and unloving, but that would have destroyed his fantasy world. Yeah the people working there are nice and I assume the men there are nice too, but come on. I can't believe he said that out loud! Afterwards, there was an ackward silence. lol. ACKWARD......
Luckily, my biscuits were ready and I could leave before his weirdness rubbed off on me.
I'm not saying that people can feel that these days, but to come out and say it in front of people that you don't know...... ackward.... just plain ackward.

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*~Puzzle~* said...

That's so funny! People say funny things sometimes.