Bells ringing, birdies singing.....

That song of love..... :)

So last night, when my parents got home from eating supper out, I stopped them in the kitchen and said "So we are thinking about getting married in April."
My mama just kinda looked at me like "oh really..." Then I continued. I told them that Derek had intentions of talking to them about it and that he was afraid of what they might say. So I told them that I loved him and for them basically not to say no. BUT... I know my parents. LOL. More than likely they will be sarcastic about it... My daddy said that he is going to say "Are you sure you want to marry her? Have you seen her bedroom? How messy it is?" LOL
Mama and I walked on back to their bedroom and was making up their bed. She asked if we were going to get married on her's and my dad's anniversary since its in April. I simply told her that was their anniversary. Then she asked if we were getting married on my brothers' birthday. (yes they have the same birthday, just 5 years apart) I told her no. I could see saying "Hey guess what y'all get for your birthday!!!! A brother-n-law!" LOL Technically we are not engaged, but we will be seriously looking at rings now. We found one that I really like, so who knows..... :D

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Ms.Scartastic said...

Congrats on *almost* being engaged! =)