Crazy Thoughts

So... do you ever have crazy thoughts? Like, maybe a situation is going on in your life and you begin to thing the worst about things. I have those thoughts.
This past week or so, I've had those kinds of thoughts. They aren't thoughts of harming someone (like the killer cat...) but thoughts of what I would say in certain situations. What I would do if a certain person was at a certain place. What I would say to that person.
I'm generally a positive person, so I like to think. But every once in a while, I am very pessimistic about things. Sometimes, I get angry when I think of what the worst could be. Sometimes I get sad. Sometimes I want revenge. But then I calm down and see that things aren't like I think they are going to be.
It all comes down to trusting people and what they say. If I trust people and what they say (in certain situation, not all the time, cause sometimes its just BS), then I'll see that there is no reason to be worried about anything. This would probably help my blood pressure stay down too. :)

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