The Hazardous Boringness of the Day

So, I've had a few things given to me to do at work, but those don't last long as they are typing tasks from a dictation tape. Then I'm sitting here at my desk with nothing to do. Every so often someone will walk through to the new copy machine or to the kitchen. Sporadically, my boss will go outside only to return with a trail of cold air following him.
Our office is in an old house located in the historic part of town. We do at least have heating and air. It gets really warm in the summer in my office/ space as I have a set of windows that is directly behind my computer. Yeah, its lovely to be able to sit here and look out the window and be able to have some sunshine in the afternoon and not have the feeling of claustrophobia from not having a window. BUT..... In the winter, its almost like there isn't a window there at all. The cold seeps through every crack in this place, especially my windows. And if the wind is blowing, bring a heavy coat.
I was reading a post thing morning about the cold and heat by Sallie's Neice. She was talking about how her office was cold and that the thermostat stayed on one temperature in order to "save money". Though the bosses may want to save money, it doesn't really help that the employees have to run small energy-sucking, money-thirsty space heaters. The BF ran space heaters at his house a lot last winter and cost him a bundle on the electric bill. I think we'll be sticking to kerosene this winter. My dad let him borrow a kerosene heater that need encouragment to light, but the BF didn't care. It was heat!
Wow... got a little off subject there. Back to the hazardous boringness...
I was looking at the Kirtsy website earlier. I noticed something. I know its a site "for women" but all that is on there it seems is things for mommies, OCD organizers and Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumors. Yeah I know if I looked harder then I might find something interesting. But it would be nice to be able to look at the homepage of a site and be able to find something intellectually appealing. Sorry Kirtsy.
So I thought I'd check out It was somewhat more appealing. The only thing there is you have to wade through all the techy sites and Obama this Obama that.............. *biting tongue*........ I think I'll leave that one alone.
Beyond that, I haven't really been able to find any reading material that interests me. Maybe I'll try looking into the whole thing about survivalism. I read an article on this morning about it before the hazardnousness set it. Maybe I should make a list of what I need to stock pile and what skills I need to learn in case of a great depression.
Oh... one more thing on the window. All I see is a driveway and trees/bushes. I don't even get to see traffic or people walking by. BUT... I am able to see when the bosses are pulling back into the drive way!
Ok.. this turned into a longer post than I thought it might. YAY! Well, I'm back off to.... working....

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Mel said...

Got here through Sweetney; my first comment on your blog is going to suck, only because I have to tell you that, using Firefox, your first page is all messed up. When I click through to your older posts, your pretty layout shows just fine, but the main page is hosed up.

Also, that "Emotional Reunions" video made me cry like a little kid. :)