The Stabbing

No, it's not the kind of stabbing you are thinking about. No one was stabbed... around here anyway. I'm talking about this nagging, STABBING pain in my head.
It's so bad at this moment, that I'm having a hard time typing this post. I'm having to backspace more than usual and the simplest words, I'm having a hard time spelling. Earlier, I was typing a dictation tape from my boss and the word convenient came up. I sat here for at least a minute trying to figure out how to spell it without looking at the spell check box. I was so mad because I couldn't spell it. I spelled it coveaneant and convenyant and every other way my pain twisted mind was telling me to spell it. Finally I was like "SCREW IT!" and asked one of the other ladies how to spell it.
Migraines from hell. If you suffer from them, you know what I'm talking about. It starts off small. A dull headache if you will. Like this morning. I took the bf to work. When I got back home I could feel it coming on so I go a heating wrap thing my mom bought, heated it up in the microwave and put it on my head then passed out in the bed for about an hour.
THEN..... I got up to get ready for work and it started. The pain began to worsen. Then the sensitivity to light and sound. Then.... oh God....then... the nausea. I went to McDonald's hoping for Coke with my breakfast as it helps to calm my churning stomach most of the time and what was posted on the little drive through speaker?!! A note that said "NO COKE OR ICECREAM!" WTH! No. Coke. Bite me mother &*%$^@! I was pissed. So I got a sweet tea. The minimal about of caffiene in sweet tea did nothing for my headache. So I tried to eat what I had gotten for breakfast. Didn't eat but a few bites and excuse me for the graphicness, but here it came! I stood from my chair and headed for the back bathroom.
Just FYI, ketchup does not taste good coming back up.
I came back to my desk, still with the pain in my head. For some reason, I began to cry. Sitting here at work, at my desk, crying. Over a headache. But, for somereadon, the headache started easing off. I'm thinking that maybe I had some stress that I needed to get rid of. The office manager came in with one of the other attorneys. The attorney said that if I needed to I could go home. I said ok and thought about it. They went back to their offices. I went to the office manager and told her I was going to go rest in my car for a lil while. Even though it was cold outside, it wasn't so bad in my car.
I laid back and covered my eyes and rested for about 15 minutes or so. The headache eased off a little more. I went back inside. I grabbed the post office key and said I was going to the post office. While out, I got me a coke!
Its not completely gone away yet, but at least I can function as a normal less emotional human being. LOL. So if you have migraines, I feel your pain.... literally.

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L.C.T. said...

Aw that's so lame. Glad you're feeling a bit better now!