Saturday Summer Storm

Saturday, Derek and I were getting in the car at his house to come to my house when on of his landlords hollered to tell us that there was a storm coming. We looked at the sky. It was getting a little dark, but didn't look like it would be anything big. Maybe some rain. We got to my house. Everything was still quite. No rain yet. My parents and brother had left to go to Athens. We were sitting in my bedroom watching TV because the TV in the living room wouldn't work. We heard the wind start blowing. I went to the kitchen to put in a pizza for supper. Sure enough, the wind had picked up. Within five minutes, the wind had started blowing really hard and then came the rain.
It was thundering and lightening. The wind and rain was coming so hard that I began looking out the windows watching for a tornado. I got online and checked the weather. There was a severe thunderstorm warning for my area. There was a red spot coming over us. Luckily, it was the smaller one. There was a large system to the west of us. Derek doesn't usually get bothered by the weather, but I think that bothered him. My dad's dog, Rusty, who is a Jack Russell Terrier, was scared out of his wits. Usually he would jump at a chance to get some food, but when Derek tried to give him a piece of pizza crust, he wouldn't take it. Rusty laid there in fear and looked as though he was on a sedative. He's so pitiful when it comes to storms.
When the storm was over, Derek and I were on the way out to go to a Singles Service they were having at our church. I walked out and there it was. One of our trees had either been hit by lightening or the wind blew it over into the road. Luckily, my cousin lives across the road. His sons had seen people slowing down and wondered why. He came out to see the tree. He drove over and asked if he could help. So he got his chain saw and he and Derek chopped it up.
Here are some pics!

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