Nothing Like A Homegrown Tomato

So, my mom planted a garden a while bag. We've been harvesting vegetables for about 2 months or so. Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tomatoes (of a few different varieties), and Cucumbers. We've had a lot of fresh produce. Mostly tomatoes and zucchini.

I love home grown tomatoes. The taste is so much different than that of a store bought tomato. There is nothing like eating a homegrown tomato sandwich. The reason they taste better are because they are vine ripened and ripe all the way through, where as, those in the store are picked when they start turning pink and are shipped to the stores. Here is an article about people in Kansas and their gardens and why a homegrown tomato is better.
So, the other day, while Derek was still out of town, I went down to the garden and picked the vegetables that were ripe and ready for picking. I had a big cucumber, some big red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and some cherry tomatoes. I also picked two green tomatoes for some, all together now, mmmmm mmmm good fried green tomatoes! And not only did I pick them, I cooked the fried green tomatoes too!! Normally, I wouldn't attempt it because I usually burn things like that. But no, I sliced them. Dipped them in buttermilk. Covered them with flower. Put them in the skillet. Watched them turn golden brown. Took them out. Enjoyed.
They were so good! They were so good, I took some pictures!!! LOL So, there are five pics. One is the vegetables I picked from the garden. The tomatoes and ingredients I used to make the fried green tomatoes, the tomatoes in the pan, the finished product, and a picture of the zucchini marmalade that my mom made. OMG... that stuff is good too. I could eat it by itself!
When the time comes again, I'm going to make my own garden and grow some veggies too!!

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