Washing Machines and Funny Animals

First, before I get started, I just wanted to let you all know that Derek's mother came through her surgery yesterday just fine. So yay!
Last night, I went over to Derek's house. I took Toby, my chihuahua, with me so he could play with the kitten while I was there. Derek is still in North Carolina, so I was going to just wash some clothes, hang them up to dry and head back home. I didn't plan to be there longer than maybe 30 minutes or so. Long. That 30 minutes turned into about 2 hours.
I had put some of Derek's work clothes into the washing machine, put the soap in and had started the washer. I closed the lid, walked over to the living room and turned on the Discovery Channel. After all, it is Shark Week. I was sitting there watching TV and the kitten chase Toby around the room when I heard water start hitting the floor in the laundry room. I hopped up off the couch and ran over to the room to see water coming out of a pipe. What the crap!
I shut off the washer and put some towels down to soak up the water. There was already a towel there from a mishap a week or two ago with the washer. That time, the hose that screws on wasn't tight enough. We fixed that but that wasn't what was leaking this time. It was the drainage hose. It was over in the other pipe. I turned on the washer to see what was going on and realized that something must be backing up the drainage pipe to outside.
I hated to do it, but I went and got Derek's landlord from next door. He's an elderly man, but is still strong enough that he's out in the yard almost every day! So he, his wide, and I walked down to the ditch behind the house where the water drains to. He saw some water and suds so there was some water coming out. I went back in the house and turned in on again, but it still kept backing up. I found a hanger that had been straightened out and stuck that down the pipe, but I didn't hit anything that felt like a blockage. It must be farther down.
So his wife told me to take the wet clothes out and take them down to their house. I didn't want to intrude, but she was insistent. She didn't want them to sour in the washer. So I took them down. While I was there, she gave me some clothes pins to use to hang up the clothes as well as some peaches they had just picked a few hours before. And they were some good peaches!
She said it would be about 30 minutes so I went back up to the house. I could hear Toby inside howling at the door because I had left him inside. I had my camera, so I videoed him and the kitten running around and playing. They were so funny.
So finally, I went back down and got the clothes and talked some more with the wife. I hung the clothes up in the living room at the house, cleaned out the litter box, filled the kittens food up and headed home only an hour and a half later than I wanted to. LOL
It was all good though. I had good conversation with the landlords.
Well, have a great day! Peace out!

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