The girl in the window

I was over at this morning. She had a post entitled The girl in the window. The post was made after reading an article in the St. Petersburg Times entitled The girl in the window. I sat here reading the article. It sickens me. To think that there were four adults in that house. I'm not even going to call it a home. It was more like hell. To read how the investigators described the environment made me sick to my stomach.

The authorities had discovered the rarest and most pitiable of creatures: a feral child.

How someone could do that to a child is beyond me. Children are gifts. Some people would die to have a child while others have children just to get an increase from government benefits or they have children and forget they exist and throw them off onto the grandparents. My question is, when those children tossed to their grandparents grow up and have children, who will take care of them??? The parents of that child won't be able to because they couldn't raise their own child! It's like this, Grandparent A has to take care of Parent B's child C. When Child C has children, Child C can't take the children to Parent B because Parent B couldn't even raise their own Child C so what makes Child C think that Parent B could raise their children?
It's sad but it's the cycle I see going on in society.
I know I got a little off subject there, but you should read the article.

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