Post Office: The Employees

Is it just my lucky day to get all the poor-service employees?? I mean come on! I just went to the post office. I checked my box then got the mail from our office box. Then I had to go wait in line for something that was returned. So I wait for like five minutes, all the while noticing that one of the employees has on headphones.
I'm thinking to myself... What could she possibly have on headphones for... All I could think of would be to listen to music. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go to her counter, but guess what.... I DID! So I'm sitting here looking at her with her headphones on. All I wanted to say was "Woman, take those headphones off so that you do screw up anyones mail." But me being the nice person that I am, didn't say that. She said have a nice day, and all I said was You too.
Why am I so friggin nice to these lame employees!
Breathe Keri.... Breathe..... In.... out...... in..... out....... Sigh....

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