Buger King: The Employees

So a couple of weeks ago, I expressed how Burger King definitely doesn't serve royalty? Well, I went there again. I ask myself when pulling in the parking lot, why in the world I drove past McDonald's knowing that I could get through there faster when there is a line that when I go to Burger King and I'm the only one in line.... Despite that, I pulled up to the speaker at the drive through. I thought Bobby might the one taking my order, but it wasn't. It was a girl. So she tell me to order. I hang my head out the window and speak clearly, knowing that the last time I ordered with a girl taking my order, she almost screwed it up. So I clearly said "I would like a number EIGHT. With COKE to drink." So number 8 is a chicken BISCUIT combo. How hard is it to find on their little button pad the words "chicken BISCUIT". So she tells me to pull around for me total.
So far, everything is cool. I get to the window. She opens the window, and holy crap... it's the same girl that took my order last time when she screwed it up.
So here is the conversation we had.

Her: Did you want a chicken biscuit?

Me: Yes.

Her: (after getting the other girl over to the register to punch in something) Did you want a chicken biscuit or a croissant?

Me: I want a chicken biscuit combo. A number eight.

Her: Oh. Ok. (she turns and says something to the other girl who is taking her sweet time fixing my chicken BISCUIT)

Her: Your total is $4.28.

Me: (hands her the card thinking what the heck! I could have ate at McDonald's for $3.85!)

Her: (hands me receipt and card) (a minute passes.............) (she hands me my bag, with no drink) Have a nice day!)

Me: Don't I get a drink?

Her: Oh. What did you have to drink?

Me: A coke. (I'm immensely irritated by now)

Her: (shoving her hand out the window and with a snotty attitude says) Now, have a nice day.

Me: (thinks 'I'd like to smack those headphones off your head!)

So I pull off. BUT. Before I leave the parking lot, I open my BISCUIT to make sure it's not burnt. Luckily it wasn't. The biscuit was cooked just right this time. WHY do I keep going back there?! Knowing they have SLOW-AS-CHRISTMAS service and employees with crap attitudes.... WHY!!!!
But... once again.... life does go on.
Peace out!

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