Old Women and the Photo Printer

OMG! What is it with me and women at Wal-Mart at the photo printer?! I went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break to get some sticky tabs for my Moleskine and to print some pictures for my photo book of Derek and I.
I walk in and see an older couple standing at the photo printer and decide to go ahead and get my sticky tabs. I think surely she'll be gone, but nevertheless, I didn't get my hopes up. As I approached the photo center at the front of the store, I couldn't see anyone standing at the photo printer. BUT! To my dismay, there was a little old lady standing there scanning and printing some old pictures. She was taking her sweet time!
Finally, she looks at me when she is finished and says "I'm so sorry I took so long."
I think to myself, 'Woman, you saw me standing here for like ten minutes waiting on you and then you want to stand there when you are finished sorting your pictures, then you say you are sorry?!"
I swear.... I almost asked her if she was on a lunch break.. if not, I was!
Oh well... breathe in....breathe out....

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