Yet another Burger King Experience

So, you know how I had the Burger King experience two Fridays ago? Well, I thought I'd give them another chance this morning. Instead of going through the drive-thru that I knew would take forever, I went inside. The "manager" that was working, his name is Bobby (I know him from high school), was working both the drive-thru window and the front counter. I looked to the back. There were only two people working in that entire place. TWO!!! They may wonder why they get a considerable amount less of business in the morning... I can tell them why!! They only have 2 people working in the whole place and they are slow as Christmas! (No offense Bobby) But come one... they need to have more than 2 people. Well, maybe not... considering that the parking lot was empty other than me and the car in the drive-thru. But that's beside the point.
The other half of the experience starts when I go to order. Bobby steps over to the counter and asks me what I'd like. Since I like their chicken biscuits a lot more than McDonald's, I order a chicken biscuit. Bobby looks at me with this sad look and says, "Since I know you and all, I hate to say this, but we don't have any breakfast chicken this morning." Instant mortification! But, all I said was "Ok. I'll have a sausage and cheese biscuit."
So, besides the slight delay in Bobby coming to take my order, the service was good (Go Bobby!), the food was excellent, and I got to work on time. So it wasn't as bad as last time. It probably made the whole situation a lot better because I knew Bobby... So .... yeah... Peace out! Much love!

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