Braves Opening Day

First off... Here are some pics

Now onto the story....
So we made it out to Atlanta around 2:30 or 3:00, paid $12 for parking... then we hopped on the city bus and went over to Underground Atlanta. There were some shops and what not. We went in the dollar store and got the materials to make our sign. After walking around for a little while, we waited for about 30 minutes on the bus. We went into the stadium and found our seats... way up in the nose bleed section. So what though... we could still see.
So we went and got our gold nuggets (aka.. FOOD) and sat and consumed it... Stadium food is not that great.. believe me... take your own.
So we sat waiting on Richard and Dulce to get there.While waiting, there was a guy, staggering in the row behind us when he almost tripped. In the process of almost tripping, the drunken fool spilled beer on Derek. I was like "Watch it!" "Oh sorry.." the drunken fool said as he staggered away...
So Richard and Dulce finally got there about an hour after the game started. It was all great fun until I started getting a migraine headache. Not only was I in pain and the headon wasn't working for me, I began to feel sick. The bottom of the 7th came around and I finally told Derek that we needed to leave. We were going to leave at 10:00 anyway, but it was 9:30ish when I said that I was ready to go. We made it out to the car only to quickly go no where in the parking lot. We weren't the only ones with the idea of leaving early. We finally made it out of the parking lot. It was horrible!! People were driving wildly in all lanes... We had to go back through downtown to get to I-85. Craziness! So then we get to I-85 with me feeling puny and having to drive.
We see the big electronic sign say something about I-85 and realize that it says there is a huge wreck with heavy delays... PERFECT!
I'm there, wanting to puke my guts out while hanging onto the wheel and we finally hit the traffic..... We wait... and wait.... and I was feeling and acting very insensitive. Only to find out this morning on the radio that some LOSER did a hit and run... He was driving all crazy and a SUV turned over killing 2 adults and an 18 month old... injuring about 5 others. Then the guy ditched the car at a motel down the road claiming it had a flat tire... He is in trouble when they find him!!!
So anyway... we finally got around the wreck via detour. Got back to I-85 and headed on only to get to some more slow traffic.... So.. when the interstate split into I-85 and 316, I took 316. It took a little longer to get home in my half-asleep, sickly state, but I made it. I dropped Derek off at his house and flew home where I took a steaming hot shower to knock the edge off that headache, grabbed the heating pad, folded it and applied it to my head.
I woke this morning to a read spot on my head. I think I burnt myself with the heating pad. Who cares though... right now.... I am headache free and that's all that matters.
Oh... and by the way... the game went into 12 innings.... and the Braves.... THEY LOST!
Oh well... Go Braves...

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