For serious man!! When I was reorganizing at work yesterday, I found some credit card machine terminals that were still in their boxes and unused. So... I wrote an email to our CFO and asked him if they worked and if we could use them. He wrote me back and said that they didn't work with our systems and wondered about Ebay. I wrote him back and told him that if he didn't mind that I would be glad to list them on my Ebay account. He wrote back and said he's give me 10% of what ever I got off of them. I was like FOR REAL!!! So they are now listed on ebay. I looked to see what other people were selling them for and they were over $200. Some were a little less so I listed one for $175 (the one that the cords were still in the plastic) and the other for $173 (the cords are not in the plastic). So hopefully they will sell and I'll get some money! WOO HOO!!


JOY said...

Am sure they will sell and you will be able to treat yourself.

You must have a great boss! What a bonus.

Keri said...

Well he's not actually my boss. He's our area manager, kinda.... sorta... He's in Tennessee and I'm in Georgia... :P But yeah.. He's great!