This is why I think a lot of men these days are not happy with the women they are with. Because they are the "fat girl". This is my only fear when it comes to dating and finding someone. Its the fear that I will fall in love with this person and we will be meant for each other and we will be deeply in love with each other, but because it's not "popular" to be with a HEALTHY girl, the guy will dump me. And I can't believe that men let their friends rule who they are with. And make fun if a guy is with a plus size girl. This is my philosophy about it: If you can't love me and only me without worrying about what your friends think, then you don't need to be with me. I love the person I am today and if a person doesn't want to talk to me or be around me because I am a big girl, woopy doo... they are missing out. :) So onto the next one...
So...this person was healed by God but is scared to tell their psychiatrist. I don't go to a psychiatrist, but a Christian counselor and he's the one who made me realize how much better life is when I'm living life for God instead of myself or others. God has changed my life greatly over the past month+ and I've had the desire to talk and share Jesus with people. Before that was the last thing I wanted to do even though I knew it was what I should do. Now I could care less what people think of me when I talk about Jesus. I'm just telling them about the man who saved my life when he gave his life for me on the cross!! Had I been the only person, he still would have done it for me... Just think about it.
Later peeps!


JOY said...

We are who we are!

I am who I am - and yes I am a plus sized girl but I have been lucky enough to find my soul mate.

My husband loves me for who I am and wouldn't want me to change. No-one should judge us - no-one has the right to judge anyone else.

If I was with a guy who "dumped" me because of what his friends thought about my size this guy simply wouldn't be worth my time and effort and I would be relieved.

This simply doesn't happen in true love. If you are in love every bone in your body aches to be with your loved one and no-one in this universe should be able to tear you apart no matter what they think.

Your prince charming is out there Keri I promise and he will treat you as you deserve and love you unconditionally.

Keri said...

True love.. that's right! If he was truly in love with the girl he wouldn't have dumped her...