Ever Wish?

Do you ever wish that you had done something different?? Though I know that all the things that have happened have led me to where I am and the person I am, I do wish, sometimes, that I had done some things different. Take for example schooling. I wish I had been a better student in grade school. Had I been, I could have gotten a scholarship to a great school. I'm not saying the school I'm in now isn't great, but I could have went to a different school. I wish I had more discipline as far as school goes. I wish I had known what I wanted to do right out of high school. I wish I had saved money so that I could do an unpaid internship and be finished with college. That's the only thing holding me back and it's killing me.
I want to finish my schooling!!! I really want to, but right now, I have too many bills that I have to pay on and quiting my job to take on an unpaid internship is just in the cards right now. If I could get a good paying job at a law office that would be awesome but the only thing about that is that most law offices want you to have experience. Please answer me this question: WHERE IS SOMEONE SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE IF ALL THEY WANT IS EXPERIENCED PEOPLE?!?! PLEASE! TELL ME!!!
Breathe in....breathe out......
So.....I am at a cross roads. It is hard for me to make decisions at this point about my schooling. I want to go and finish the internship, but at the same time I just started this job a couple of months ago. I am happy with my job. And Beth I know you are probably reading this. And I just want you to know that I really love my job and there is totally nothing against you because you have become a great friend. But we both know eventually, I've got to go finish my schooling. Of course, it will probably, most likely, not be by the end of this year.
So if all you praying folk would pray for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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JOY said...

We all encounter milestones in our careers and lives! Believe me I understand where you are coming from - and am sure Beth understands.

I think it is important to finish your schooling and am sure Beth understands this. I am so glad you have found a friend in Beth.