When am I going to feel totally healthy again?? I am so sick of being SICK! First, a couple of weeks ago, I had some serious sinus sickness, then yesterday....ohhh... yesterday.... why?! Yesterday morning I woke up and wasn't feeling great. Feeling a little weak. I shrugged it off as not having a good night's rest. So on the way to work, I stopped and got a biscuit from Hardee's. When I got to work, I was feeling a little worse... vomit worse.... I know that's a little graphic but that's just how I felt. So I started working anyway and ate my biscuit. About an hour later or so, Beth was talking to me. I said "Hold on" and got up and went to the bathroom. That's when it started. I lost my breakfast. Beth asked if I needed to go home I told her I thought it would pass. She sent me to CVS across the street to get some medicine. It wasn't making me feel any better. I took the medicine and laid in the floor at work. Beth asked if I wanted to go home. I told her I would be fine. About 5 minutes later I asked if she cared if I left. She said she didn't want it if it was a stomach virus, so I left. I didn't even make it home without having to pull of to the side of the road.
It got worse throughout the day. Because I was sick, i slept a lot. And because I slept a lot yesterday, I slept like crap last night. I kept tossing and turning all night. At about 3:00 I woke up and thought I was about to get sick again, but I was just hungry so I ate some of the ginger snaps my mom had bought me. Then I took a PM tablet to help me go to sleep. It didn't keep me asleep as long as I thought it would. At about 8:30 I woke up and was hungry again. So I ate some saltine crackers and coke. Now it's about 5:10 pm and all I have is a slight headache.
I really think it was a stomach virus cause Jenn called and said that Nancy had been sick with a stomach virus yesterday also. So who knows where we got it. Oh well.... I'm just glad I'm not getting sick.. but I just want to be totally healthy again! GRRR!! :P
Later peeps!

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JOY said...

Awh Keri!

You do seem to have a hard time health wise!

Maybe you are a little run down which makes you prone to catching everything that is going around.

Hopefully you will feel better soon!