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So it's only 9:48a.m. and the day has been great so far. I got up this morning and got dressed and what not and actually had a little time to sit and have a smidge of breakfast. I had a granola bar which is not doing it for me right now... *stomach growling* :P Traffic on the way to school wasn't so bad except I got behind this slow van and then a truck pulled up behind me and insisted on riding my bumper. I thought about indulging in a chicken biscuit from burger king, but resisted at the last moment. Now I wish I had..
Wills and Trusts is my first class. Yes, the name sounds boring, and before the first day I thought it would be boring too. Luckily, we have a half way interesting teacher who doesn't just read from the book. He calls on people to answer questions. I need to start reading the chapter because the last 2 times he's called on me, I haven't been able to give an educated answer. "I don't know..." drrrr.... :P So while we were sitting there in class go over some of the examples, he stops and says he needs to go see what's wrong because some lady kept walking by the door.
Turns out that this lady, and another one, decided that it was ok to interupt a class that is in progress. Supposedly, the chairs in the building are color coordinated by room. She was freaking because, we had a couple of purple chairs amongst the green ones. So she came in and asked a couple of people to give up their chairs. Dan was funny. "Where am I supposed to sit?" Luckily, they brought in some other green chairs to replace the purple ones. Still... could they have not waited until the class was over instead of taking up class time. I guess it was our teacher who allowed them to, but come on! Oh'll be ok. Class was almost over anyway. :P He he.
So here lately (this week anyway) between classes, I've been driving on out to Athens and coming to the public library. I do this because the school's internet portal does not allow me to get onto blogger and a couple of other sites I find it necessary to visit at least once a day. I have a 3 hour break between classes and it's about 35-40 minutes back to the house so I just stay out here. I like the library though. It's a nice, most of the time quite atmosphere. I say most of the time because the man, at the librarian desk, here on the second level where I'm sitting now, feels the need to speak with a loud voice when the phone rings. I think he was trying to explain a definition to someone over the phone and the person must have been half deaf.
I realized this morning when I walked by a pole here at the library that they have wireless internet here. I'm like "YAY". That's means I can start bring my laptop with me and chill out here for more than the 2 hours allowed for computer time. I usually don't stay 2 hours anyway. But today.. I'm feel really talkative.. or typative... or whatever you prefer to call it :P so now it's 10:02... I'm gonna surf around and I'll come back here later on today... Be sweet!

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