I shall begin with yesterday. Yesterday morning, I woke up and I just didn't want to get out of bed. But I got up, decided I wasn't going to class, went and told me mom not to wake me up when she got out of bed, and went back to my already chilled bed. (I should have pulled the covers up to retain some of the heat..) So I slept until about 10:30. I thought that I'd better get up before I got a headache and my back started hurting. Usually when I sleep too long, my back starts hurting and I can't sleep anymore. So I got up, made myself some breakfast and went back to my room. My parents invested in some new recliners so I now have one of the old ones in my room. I sat down in the recliner, kicked my feet up and turned on CSI: Miami. Around 11:00, Sarah (from work) called and asked if I was working at the other store. I told her yes. She said that she needed me to come in for a couple of hours before I went there. I thought it was retarted that I had to go there and work 2 hours then go to the other store and work and I told her so. But she said in a whiney voice "I really need you though." So I hopped in the shower and got there around 2 and worked til 4. I then went to the other store (15 minutes further from my house) and worked. I asked Leigh (the manager) if it was possible for me to leave a little early because I had told someone I'd ride the church van with him. So 7:00 came around and I hadn't had a break and she asked if I wanted to go ahead and go. I said sure. And so I left, went to Wendy's and got me something to eat. I went home, changed clothes, and headed to church for revival.
Church had already started. The man who was preaching last was by no means as good as Jamey Ragle. I didn't laugh once. At the closing of the service, he asked us to stand and hold hands with the person next to us, which luckily was my mom and Nancy and not someone I didn't know. So we were standing there while he prayed and what not... I couldn't stand still an eventually, I started feeling woozy... As soon as he said amen, I plopped down in my seat. I was feeling faint. Needed fresh air! So they ended the service with a group singing (2 asian men and a white guy...) I'm not sure of the name of the group. I got up when they were finished and bolted outisde. The crisp, cold air felt great and made me feel better. So me and Nancy and David gathered the children that rode the van and got on the road. I got home around 10. We had a good time.

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