Scary Dreams

Last night, I had some wicked scary dreams. I need to break out my dream interpretation book and see what they mean but here they are:
The first one goes like this: (I watch a lot of CSI and Law and Order..) I dreamed I was working a crime scene. There was a bullet in a brick wall and I was trying to dig it out. Out of nowhere, I heard a gun shot. The person there with me handed me a gun. I put my back to the wall. The person who shot the gun came running towards me. I shot him in the shoulder but he kept running. I kept unloading the clip at him. He stopped and turned around to face me. I had put my gun to my side because I was out of bullets. He aimed his gun at me and before I could move he had shot me 5 times in the chest and once in the leg. The scary thing is, I felt it. I felt the pain of the bullets. So the ambulance came and rushed me to the hospital. By that time I was numb to the pain and then I saw the doctors about to dig the bullets out. The nurse looked at me like something was wrong like I was about to close my eyes. Well... I woke up! I 'm glad I woke up from that one.
The second dream goes like this: I dreamed that I was on my way to walmart when I realized I had left something at home. So I turned around. It was raining and it had start thundering and lightening. When I got to the road I was supposed to turn on to go to my house, I sat there on the highway for about a minute. I was in awe of the lightening. It was so bright in the darkness. I finally turned and started down the road. The lightening was getting really close. I came up behind a truck. I turned on the radio to hear the weather and there was a tornado warning issued. As our vehicles rounded a curve, I was hit by lightening. Again, I could feel the pain. The right side of my body was numb. The guy in the truck stopped. He ran back and pulled me out. we continued onto my house in his truck. By the time we got there, the wind had started fiercely blowing. The numbness was going away and I was able to somewhat walk. As we got to the door, I saw the funnel coming over the hill. I grabbed the camera and walked back out on the porch. I snapped a photo then the debris came so I stepped back inside. I switched the camera to video mode. The house was shaking and debris was flying past the door. I braced myself as I videoed the twister passing over us. When it was over I walked outside. There was major destruction to some of the other houses near where I live. It was scary.. getting hit by lightening was even worse...
I know these events are a whole lot worse than they are in my dreams and very few people live after being struck by lightening, but it was indeed a scary dream.

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