Have you ever been sooo sleepy that you just don't want to get out of the bed??


was soooo sleepy this morning.. my alarm clock went off, but I just turned it off. I couldn't get my body to get out of the bed. Then mama came to my room and woke me up again to ask if I was going to school. I told her no... "You're going to fail.." No I'm not.. all the material is in the book. I just have to read it. I'm off work and school tomorrow so I'll catch up then.

So last night at work, it wasn't that bad. He had let Brooklyn and Brittany off together.. Bad idea! They came to the parking lot, wrote on his window with one of those marker things you can write on windows with. They also suran rapped his whole vehicle... it's an SUV. LOL It was so funny. They also wrote on Antonio's car on the paint.. I hope that comes off. I don't think it's made to write on paint. But who knows. So they came up to the store later and was walking around. I think brooklyn had been smoking something. She got into a laughing fit and couldn't stop. I bet terry isn't going to let them off again. I've got to work again tonight, but I'm bagging tonight. Ok..well I'm gonna go get ready to head out to my other class... Later!

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JOY said...

Funny enough I nearly fell asleep in the car today when I was out and about (James was driving)!

I have been yawning all day, put it down to dieting, I simply had no energy all day but tonight I am fine and don't want to go to bed!