I am so highly pissed right now... This morning in my Wills/ Trusts class, my teacher made us play Jeopardy. We had our own little buzzer and everything. Well, I sincerely believe mine was rigged not to work. Sure I was able to buzz in on a few questions, but then at other times, I would try to buzz and would have pushed my button before the other person who answered, but yet, my button wasn't buzzing!! Needless to say, I didn't win. Of course, the person who did win only got 2 extra points on their test. Woopie...
Other than the freakin buzzer not working, the game was actually somewhat fun. On some of the questions, I would know the answer and would buzz in and when I did get to answer, sometimes he would say 'well... that's not quite right.' Like one question was about who reads the will. I said the executor.. He said no that it's the person who reads the will at the execution ceremony. Hello!! Would that not be the executor. He said that it was the testator but the testator is the one who makes the will. And he also said that the execution ceremony is when the testator makes the will. WTF! Why in the world call it that?? anyway.. I'm not going into wills when I graduate.. definately not. So .... Dan was sitting beside me.. LOL He's so funny. One of the categories had nothing to do with wills and one of the questions was about how many home runs some baseball player had hit. Dan buzzed in and said 150.. wrong.. lol. He said "I don't know anything about baseball." Dan is gay. And he is SOOOOO funny! During the first part of the game when he wasn't playing he was sitting in the back and I got one right and he cheered for me! YAY!! I had a personal cheerleader! WOO HOO! Dan is great. He makes things so entertaining and fun.
So yeah... i didn't win. POO.. but that's ok..
I had to leave right after class and go to the doctor. They had to take my blood so that the doctor can have the results for my appointment next week. (It's my endocrinologist.) The nurse was actually able to get it on the first try again. She's really good at her job. I told her not to dig for a vein. She said "I've never had to do that with you have I?" I was like no... She actually remembers me. A lot of doctors and nurses wouldn't. But anyway.. She did a good job. I was in and out very quickly.
So.....have a great day!

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