Trip to Athens

So we stayed gone a lot longer than I thought I would. We were only going to exchange something at Best Buy and then go to eat, but of course we had to go to walmart. We left at about 6 and didn't get back until about 10. So I didn't get to cook my cookies. I'll just do it tomorrow after work.
We went and ate at the resturant where my ex-bf works. So of course I got stuck on the side of the table where all he had to do was turn around and look my way. And sure enough, he turned and looked my way a couple of time. One time our eyes met. I still wonder sometimes why he just stopped talking to me one day. He say he still wanted to be friends but one day when he said to me "I guess I just need to accept that you aren't going to go back out with me" not to long after that, he stopped talking to me. I guess he was just talking to me to try and talk me into going back out with him.
Speaking of going out with people, I saw Jason, a guy I used to work with, at my work the other day. I said hey and we chatted for a sec. His wife is how I met James. I asked if he knew that me and James weren't talking anymore and he said yeah. I asked if James had gotten back with his ex and Jason said no. So I guess it was just me that James didn't like. He sure didn't act like he didn't like me though. Oh well. It doesn't matter. I didn't need the drama of James's ex-gf being a freakin psycho.'s getting to be past my bedtime. I'm going to bed. Night night!

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His loss hun!

I wouldn't lose any sleep over this guy!

He doesn't deserve you - Mr Right will come along soon!