My Day..

I got up this morning and took a shower instead of taking one last night. I think it made me feel better and put me in a better mood for work. Sasha and Ajah worked today instead of Faye and Jessica. Sasha talks a lot, but that's ok. Talking helps the time pass by faster.
Here lately, I've gotten to where I'll talk to the customers more. Use to, I didn't like to talk to them. There is a deaf man who comes into the store. His name is Judge. He's such a sweet man. He's started coming to my church. He came in today. He saw me and I waved and smiled. He can read lips pretty good so I asked how he was and gave him a hug. He's so nice.
So anyway.. I bought the stuff to cook spaghetti tonight becuase my mom had somewhere to be. But then I called to ask her a question and she said she was cooking a chicken casserole. I had already bought the stuff so I'm just going to fix it tomorrow for lunch or something.
The batch of cookies I made tonight actually turned out pretty good this time. I think I'm going to try to fix some other type of cookie though. I'm getting burned out on fixing those key lime cookies. I only made those because I told Nancy and Jenn that I'd make them some. I've got a recipe book full of cookie recipes so I think I'll check that out and find another one I like and hook it up.
It's getting time for me to go to bed...but wait... I don't have to work tomorrow!!!! YAY!! I'm going to stay up a little longer.

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Love the mood icon on your sidebar! Glad you are "content"!

You will have to keep me posted on the cookies! I have yet to make any so you will have to let me know how the new ones turn out.

We don't really do cookies at Christmas but they seem to be a big thing in America for Christmas, I had never heard of it before but think it is very sweet.