Bad Batches

So Saturday, I attempted to make some more key lime cookies. Well, I didn't have any wax/parchment paper. So I thought it didn't really matter. It does!! My cookies were thin as paper and stuck to the pan even though I sprayed it. I had made the icing and all while they were cooking.
Again tonight, I attempted to make some key lime cookies. The cookies turned out very well, but I heated up the icing I had made Saturday and I don't think it's going to cool and harden right. It's not white like it was the first time. I'm sure it would have been if I had been able to use it Saturday.
I may attempt again Thursday and hope that I get a batch that is gift worthy.


throll13 said...

Can I have some... please :)

cameo said...

3rd time is the charm! Hopefully that will be true for your cookies!


Bet they will turn out brilliantly!

Wonder how long they keep?

Can't wait to try these but am going to wait until I get back home as I didn't have all the equipment here in Dubai!

Not good when I am starting a strict diet in the new year but guess my neices and nephews could enjoy them!