Herding Cows

Today I helped Daddy get up a calf that needed to go to the barn to be sold. And it was cold outside!! BRRRRR!!! So anyway, he came inside to begin with and told me that he had caught the calf in the run to get it on the trailer. Well when he went to get the tractor and trailer to pull it over, the stupid calf jumped up over the gates. He's done it before. So Daddy gave me a big metal pole and said that he was going to get it to run back down there and if it tried to jump over the fence to do whatever i had to to keep it from jumping over. So he was in the pasture herding the cows towards the gates so he could get that one little bull. Mama came home and he still hadn't caught it so she changed her shoes and went in the pasture and helped. Finally they got the little black bull in the run along with a big cow. They both ran and loaded up onto the trailer and I closed the gate. Well then we had to the the big cow off. So I opened up the gate and both ran out, but then the little black one ran back on and I closed it again. And then it was off to the barn for Daddy and the bull.
(Picture taken the other day when I was helping my dad get up calves)

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throll13 said...

Envy you living in a farm, always love to be near nature & animals... here we only have building & more buildingsss!!! The only green you can be near are public parks & road side trees! ;)